New Apex Legends Season 15 teasers hint at upcoming map and Legend

Apex Legends Season 15 Teaser with logo on topRespawn

Fresh Apex Legends Season 15 teasers continue to hint at the upcoming season’s map and Legend, as well as pointing to the involvement of the National Alliance of Boreas and referencing the butterfly effect.

Apex Legends Season 15 is fast occupying the minds of Respawn’s BR player base, with new seasons typically bringing the most significant updates.

Currently, a lot remains unclear about the content we’ll receive. Barring any delays, we expect Season 15 to go live on November 1 and bring Catalyst, a ferro fluid wielding character, to the Apex Games.

On October 14 and 15, we received two brand new teasers, the latest in a series that is fostering fan excitement ahead of the Season’s drop.

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New Apex Legends teaser hints at Boreas map

The first took the form of a poster, showing a planet aesthetically similar to Earth with butterflies emerging from a large crater on its surface.

The text on the poster reads: “Doing your part creates a butterfly effect. We can save this planet together.”

The official Apex Legends account also responded in good humor to a fan who pointed to the obvious “hole” on the planet’s surface. It was interpreted by some as a hint that the planet’s core and innards might tie into its place in the Apex story.

The ‘butterfly effect’ is a real-life philosophical concept that suggests small changes can have dramatic and tangible consequences further down the line.

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A second teaser also pointed towards Boreas and its moon, with a number of people propping up a damaged and smashing eye. The caption reads: “Save our moon and save ourselves! We look to you”.

Although Boreas is not name-dropped in the poster, the Outlands planet has long been associated with moths and is well known for its surface’s imperfections; the result of chaotic and violent atmospheric conditions.

It is the home planet of Season 10 Legend Seer (who also bears the mark of a moth), so it could also be a hint at a deeper dive into his background in the future.

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Past leaks have suggested a ‘moon’ map could be in store. Boreas has a damaged moon called Cleo, which is said to contribute to its atmospheric conditions.

Naturally, this speculations remains just that, and will stay as such until Respawn officially reveal Season 15 details. With teasers piling up, we shouldn’t have to wait all that much longer.