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New Apex Legends bug lets you move & jump while downed in Season 10

Published: 4/Aug/2021 13:08

by Alex Garton


A strange Apex Legends bug is allowing downed players to move at normal speed, jump, and still utilize teammate’s Ultimate abilities, making it easy for them to escape danger.

The Apex Legends Season 10 update has arrived and although players are enjoying ambushing their enemies with the new Legend Seer and beaming down opponents with the Rampage LMG, there are a few bugs that came with the major update.

While none of the issues are completely game-breaking or ruining matches, one of them is causing problems when players have been downed in a gunfight.

It appears to occur when any enemy cancels or gets their finisher interrupted on an opponent.


For whatever reason, this interaction gives the downed player increased movement speed and the ability to jump like a frog.

Downed player glitch Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Glitches and bugs in Apex Legends are common after a major update goes live.

Apex glitch gives downed players the ability to jump & move

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit showcasing a finisher bug that gives downed players extra movement speed has garnered over 1,500 upvotes at the time of writing.

As shown by vastowen in the Practice Range, when a player cancels or gets their finisher interrupted, the downed player on the ground gets a permanent boost to their movement speed and can even jump around.

After a lot more testing, they realized that the glitch is permanent after it’s occurred once in a match and downed players can even use Valkyrie’s Ultimate to escape during the bugged state.


This can lead to some frustrating situations for enemy squads, with downed players being able to escape dangerous situations and flee to cover.

If someone starts a finisher on you, but they cancel it, you get normal apex movement as a downed player (minus sprint) you can crouch, jump, and move at the speed of a walking player. from apexlegends

Although this glitch is quite rare, it could easily occur in a close-quarter gunfight or if a squad gets third-partied. Apex players constantly get their finisher interrupted and as the bug is permanent after it’s happened once, this is definitely an issue Respawn will need to address.

As the Season 10 update has just gone live, it’s hard to know how long it will take the devs to find a fix. For now, just make sure the area is completely clear before you decide to use your finisher on a downed opponent.