Major Level 500 bug is literally breaking Apex Legends

Andy Williams

After Respawn increased the maximum level cap in Apex Legends, players have been grinding to hit the illustrious Level 500 – but some have encountered a bug that has rendered their game unplayable.

Apex Legends’ third season has been an unprecedented success. Players have been treated to a brand-new Legend, map and weapon, while being showered with cosmetic options. 

There have been multiple LTMs, and with another just around the corner, players are looking to see Season 3 out with a bang. That is, if you can play the game…

EASuited and booted: The Grand Soiree Arcade Event will give Season 3 the royal send-off it deserves.

Given the aforementioned LTMs, players have had more reason to engage with Respawn’s flagship battle royale than ever before. 

However, whereas players are typically rewarded for hitting a maximum level with a cool new badge or fresh in-game cosmetic, now it seems some are being inadvertently punished by being locked out of their account. 

Reported to the EA forums on January 6, upon reaching the maximum level, Respawn’s servers are literally preventing level 500 players from finding a server.

Guansuo43 (EA)Players are being greeted with the message: “Server shutting down – Internal Server Error.”

While the topic initially gained traction on January 6, it appears that the issue is persisting almost one week on. 

According to the thread of messages, players are having no problem using another ‘dummy’ account to access the Apex Legends’ servers. 

With no word from any of the development team, one user wrote: “This is really ridiculous. The way Respawn is promoting new players and punishing veterans in every way possible. After all, we are the ones who own all the skins; we already spent our money.”

Another user vented similar concerns ahead of the Grand Soiree event scheduled to commend on January 14. “I hope they can fix it before the event takes place,” the player stated. “I haven’t been able to play the level 500 account for a week.”

EAPlayers can now hit Level 500… if they dare!

Given that this is literally breaking their game, you’d assume that Respawn would place an issue of this magnitude at the forefront of their priorities.

However, with no comments from the development team yet, and no indication that the issue is being worked on in the Apex Legends Dev Tracker, players will simply have to hold tight and pray that a hotfix is imminent.

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