ImperialHal speechless after unkillable Apex Legends cheater abuses OP hacks

Alex Garton
ImperialHal Apex Legends cheater

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘Imperialhal’ Dosen was left speechless after being killed by a cheater using multiple overpowered hacks.

Despite Respawn’s promises to crack down on the cheating problem in Apex Legends, the use of third-party software is still a huge issue in the community.

While it’s rare to see cheaters ruining normal matches, hacks are becoming more and more popular in Ranked, especially at the higher tiers.

Although at first, it was just aimbots being used, hackers are now using akimbo weapons, custom attachments, and even software that allows them to shoot while they’re downed.

Well, that’s exactly what ImperialHal ran into while playing Ranked, and it’s safe to say it left the TSM pro speechless.

Imperialhal cheat Apex Legends
The cheater is even using a Digital Threat on their Rampage in the clip.

ImperialHal instantly taken out by unkillable cheater

During his March 12 stream, ImperialHal was playing Ranked with a premade squad on Olympus when they ran into a Pathfinder who was hitting a little too many shots.

As soon as Hal had eyes on them, the Forward Scout immediately took him out in a matter of milliseconds, eliminating the entire group from the match.

Instead of instantly leaving, Hal decided to spectate them and soon realized why he’d been killed so quickly. The cheater had a Digital Threat scope on their Rampage, was healing while shooting, and even had an aimbot.

To top it off, when they were finally downed, the Pathfinder was able to shoot from the ground making them effectively unkillable.

It’s obvious Hal has become used to seeing cheaters in his matches as he didn’t get frustrated by the encounter and immediately began queuing for another match.

With hackers like Tufi garnering an infamous reputation by stream-sniping pros and Twitch personalities, it’s clear the devs still have a long way to go before Ranked is a level playing field.

Let’s hope Respawn has more plans for the future when it comes to targeting the use of third-party software, as it appears the cheats are getting more and more advanced.