Game-breaking exploit allows players to crash entire Apex Legends matches

. 4 months ago
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An exploit has been discovered in Apex Legends that allows players to crash entire matches and kick everyone back to the lobby.

When it comes to glitches and exploits in Apex Legends, the majority of them are relatively minor and do not affect players’ gameplay experience.

This means there’s no rush for Respawn to implement a patch and fix the issue as they are labeled as low priority.

Unfortunately, every so often a major bug is discovered by the community that can have a huge impact on players if it’s abused, as showcased by the infinite Rampage charge glitch.

Now, another game-breaking exploit has been found and this time it allows players to crash entire matches.

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Respawn will need to fix this as soon as possible.

Major Apex Legends exploit crashes entire lobbies

In hopes of bringing Respawn’s attention to the exploit, Reddit user Altruistic_Tourist_1 posted a clip of the major glitch to the Apex Legends subreddit.

After a long setup, it’s possible to perform a set of actions in a row and crash an entire game server.

While at first Altruistic_Tourist_1 assumed this was just removing them from a game, they soon realized that it actually kicked everyone from a match.

It’s safe to say this game-breaking bug needs to be addressed immediately by Respawn before players start abusing the exploit in Ranked to ruin matches for their opponents.

Octane Apex Legends bug
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn will need to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

It’s recommended that nobody replicates this glitch in-game as Respawn has made it clear that account suspensions will be handed out to those who abuse exploits.

In a lot of cases, these bans are permanent and the devs have even threatened legal action against DDoSers in the past.

Let’s hope Respawn fixes this bug as soon as possible or a lot of matches may start ending early, especially in Ranked where the stakes are highest.

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