Apex Legends hackers are now cheating with dual-wield weapons

Apex Legends Crypto with a P2020Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends hack has found a way to dual-wield weapons, including SMGs, wreaking havoc in matches and confusing the game’s community. 

Apex Legends is certainly no stranger to the world of hacks and exploits. From game-breaking hacks that give players full armor to weapon exploits that increase their lethality, there are always new cheats and bugs being discovered by the playerbase. 

However, the latest hack that has caught the attention of Apex Legends players is the dual wield P2020 hack. While dual wielding has been replicated in the game’s modded servers, Respawn has yet to officially add this mechanic. 

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Despite this, Apex Legends hackers have managed to add this functionality to live matches. 

Apex Legends dual wield hack discovered

Apex Legends hacker dual wielding P2020sRespawn Entertainment
This Apex Legends hacker was able to dual wield P2020s.

During a ranked Apex Legends game, one player discovered that their killer was equipped with two P2020s. This obviously came as a huge surprise, especially given that dual wielding is currently not present in the game. 

While the clip appears to show the hacker gunning down their enemies with akimbo pistols. Making matters worse, the hacker uses their aimbot to quickly gun down opponents.

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It’s obviously one of the strangest visual hacks in the game and one that replicates a mechanic players have wanted for a while. Whether Respawn will ever add dual wielding to Apex Legends remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like hackers have been able to replicate this mechanic.

Since this clip, a number of other examples have been spotted, also including players dual-wielding with the Wingman and R99. On top of this, the hackers are able to heal while firing one weapon, essentially dual-wielding a weapon and healing item.

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Those who wish to dual wield Apex Legends weapons fairly will need to patiently wait for the devs to introduce it officially, or hop on the R5Reloaded server – a moddable version of Apex Legends. 

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