Apex Legends spin-botter is ruining high-level ranked matches

Declan Mclaughlin
Ash Heirloom Apex Legends

High-level Apex Legends ranked matches have been infiltrated by a cheater using what appears to be a spin-bot.

Apex Legends is no stranger to cheaters or hackers taking over entire lobbies to farm ranked points or XP. The Repawn title arguably had one of the most high-profile hacking incidents in gaming during an esports event earlier this year.

While the developer has shown it is working to fix these issues, cheaters are still able to worm their way into high-level lobbies with what seem to be blatantly obvious cheats.

Diamond-ranked players have captured the newest edition of this phenomenon and it appears the cheater is using some version of spin-bot.

In two videos posted to social media, people who were matched with the apparent cheater showcased the nauseating point of view of the spin botter.

This player, who operates the account EU HXH BO$$ ASSOCIATE #1, moves more chaotically than other spin-bots. However, the effect seems to be the same as the user takes down multiple enemies with ease.

“When he is spinning it looks like a kaleidoscope. Pls someone ban this guy,” one Reddit user commented on the clip.

Others commented that the chaotic spinning is not just for show in the server, since it can also disrupt players spectating the cheater’s POV by potentially crashing their game.

Spin-botting is a classic FPS cheat made famous for its use in Counter-Strike lobbies. Apex Legends is powered by a modified version of the engine Counter-Strike runs on, so it’s also vulnerable to the same cheats.

Respawn hasn’t commented on the cheat. But considering these clips have hit social media, it may only be a matter of time before the developer brings down some kind of punishment on the player.