Respawn are ramping up efforts to crackdown on Apex Legends cheaters

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Respawn’s battle against Apex Legends cheaters has been waging for a long time now, but they’ve promised to ramp up their efforts and pursue “several options” to crack down on them once and for all.

Cheaters have been running rampant in Apex Legends ever since the game first released in 2019. They use everything from aimbots and wallhacks to other tools capable of infiltrating player’s lobbies and stop them from connecting to the servers.

Respawn fought back by dishing out multiple ban waves and even threatened to take legal action against them. Now, after promising to take “huge steps” to crack down on them once and for all, they’ve finally started ramping up their efforts.

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TridentRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players are sick and tired of cheaters ruining their games.

“The Respawn team is pursuing several options to crack down on cheating in Apex Legends,” they said. 

Those options include hiring more people to help with manual bans, developing more tools to automatically detect and stop DDOS attacks, and investigating ways to catch and remove cheaters faster.

“Playing against cheaters sucks,” they added in a separate comment. “We’ll keep you updated as we ship the above changes and pursue new ones.”

Most people were ecstatic with the news. They agreed that it’s “about time” Respawn ramped up their efforts to deal with cheaters and purge them from Apex Legends before they run it into the ground.

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However, a small portion of players was more subdued because Respawn has made similar promises several times before. “I’ll believe it when it happens,” said one of those players. “I really do hope it happens [though.] It needs to be addressed.

The key takeaway, though, is that Respawn is proactively trying to tackle the issue head-on, and they’re keeping players in the loop along the way.