Apex Legends’ most-hated hacker is back and ruining streamer’s games again

Alex Garton
Apex Legends hacker Tufi
Respawn Entertainment

After disappearing for a few months, infamous Apex Legends hacker Tufi has returned and has begun terrorizing streamers in their matches.

As with most multiplayer shooters, Apex Legends suffers from its fair share of hackers and DDoSers, particularly at the top-tier ranks of play where the stakes are highest.

For most cheaters, the aim is to use their unfair advantage to gain RP and climb the Ranked ladder, so it’s within their interest to remain anonymous.

However, for the well-known hacker Tufi, terrorizing popular Apex personalities has always been their priority, and it’s garnered them an infamous reputation.

Having not been spotted in-game for months, a lot of players assumed Tufi had quit, but a recent clip from a Ranked game may suggest otherwise.

Apex Legends Tufi
Respawn Entertainment
Tufi has been terrorizing streamers for multiple seasons.

Infamous Apex Legends hacker Tufi returns

While approaching the end of a Ranked game on December 24, Reddit user Zalrien ran into a hacker and was quickly taken down and eliminated from the match.

After dying, they decided to spectate the cheater who seemed to be following around a specific player who had their Twitch displayed in their name.

So, Zalarien visited the stream and asked the player why they were teaming up with a hacker. They responded saying that the cheater had been stream sniping them nonstop, and any attempts to report or ban them were not successful.

Zalarien even revealed that the hacker is “going by the name Tufi,” but he does note that it’s possible that the hacker is a copycat and not the real cheater.

Although it’s possible the hacker in the clip is simply imitating Tufi, this isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted terrorizing streamers recently.

A player with a similar name has made appearances on Imperialhal and Aceu’s streams, so the evidence is mounting up.

However, without direct confirmation from the cheater themselves, it’s always going to be hard to confirm their identity when they’re constantly switching accounts.