iiTzTimmy worried Apex Legends’ new Nemesis AR is “way too strong”

iiTzTimmy next to Nemesis AR in Apex Legends Season 16YT: iiTzTimmy / Respawn

100 Thieves’ Timothy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has expressed concern that Apex Legends Season 16’s new assault rifle – the burst fire Nemesis – will drop far “too strong”. 

Apex Legends Season 16, despite skipping a Legend for the first time in the battle royale’s history, promises to constitute a huge shake up. 

A brand new Legend class and perk system will be introduced, categorizing all the game’s characters as one of Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Support or Controller. 

There’ll also be a new weapon in the form of the Nemesis assault rifle – a burst-fire charge weapon to combat the dominance of the R-301, which will also receive a hefty nerf. 

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Now, ahead of Season 16’s start, 100 Thieves’ iiTzTimmy has expressed concern it will drop overpowered. 

iiTzTimmy worried Season 16’s Nemesis AR is “OP” 

After working his way through the new Legend classes, Timmy got his hands on the Nemesis AR and played a few matches of Apex’s new TDM mode.

“Woah,” he said, after just a few bursts in the firing range. “Okay well this is just significantly better than the Hemlok. This gun seems a little bit strong. Just a little bit.” 

He then dropped into some TDM, which led him to precisely the same conclusion: “Dude this gun is way too strong. Oh my god this gun is way too strong. Dude how is this gun fair?… This meta’s gonna be so crazy.”

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Timestamp: 3:47 

Respawn have already said they’re dropping the Nemesis “hot” to try and combat the well established dominance of ARs like the R-301 and Flatline but, in Timmy’s opinion, it could just cross the line from strong into “OP”. 

Only time will tell whether the Nemesis is indeed too powerful in Apex Legends, but we’re not far from finding out; Season 16 is set to drop on Tuesday 14 February.