iiTzTimmy claims Gibraltar & Newcastle will be meta again in Apex Legends Season 16

iiTzTimmy was a record holder in Apex Legends Season 14.Respawn Entertainment

iiTzTimmy is one of Apex Legends’ most popular content creators and he believes that Season 16 Legend changes will make Gibraltar & Newcastle meta picks once again.

Timmy is an all-around FPS star. From Apex to Valorant, he’s known for breaking ankles and establishing dominance in every shooter he plays.

He’s done nearly everything there is to do in Apex Legends, including reaching Predator rank in a single stream, and he simply keeps getting better as the weeks roll on.

All of that experience has led him to determine that the game is headed for a familiar in Season 16 thanks to one big change to the Support class.

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iiTzTimmy explains why Newcastle & Gibraltar will be meta in Apex Legends Season 16

After February 14, all Support Legends will be able to craft their teammates’ banners (expired or not) at a Replicator.

This means that Newcastle, Lifeline, Loba, and Gibraltar will all have access to this ability and can bring back their friends at any point.

While the two big guys from that list have slowly drifted out of the top picks over the last two seasons, this kind of safety net will be huge in putting them back in place.

The movement magician explained a little bit about what that will mean for the rest of the game in a Season 16 preview video.

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“You’ll see Watson/Newcastle in the comp, or like Gibraltar/Caustic with obviously like a Skirmisher or Assault [Legend]” the streaming star explained. “It’s going to be cool…I think this meta will shift a lot.”

The current meta has been dominated by a much more aggressive playstyle, with Legends like Horizon and Valkyrie being highly valued for their ability to cover ground.

This faster playstyle was bolstered by the rise of Seer and his ‘wallhack’ passive, which makes it easier to single out enemies and converge on them as a group, meaning slower characters were left behind as the game sped up.

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Timmy also showed off the new Nemesis Burst AR in a quick preview of the upcoming Team Deathmatch mode, and eventually determined that it’s “really OP.”

The fan reaction to Season 16 changes has been overwhelmingly positive, and Timmy’s reaction has only added to the hype.