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How to use Wraith’s abilities for max aggression in Apex Legends

Published: 25/Jan/2020 23:34

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends YouTuber ‘QuakeV’ broke down how to use Wraith to push the aggression with one of the game’s most slippery characters.

Wraith remains a heavy favorite for offensive-minded Apex Legends players, and a few tricks can let anyone rely on superior tacts to catch teams off-guard or completely destroy a foe’s sense of security.

Due to the January 14 changes to Wraith, players have to be a bit more intentional with how they use her tactical ability Into the Void since it got a huge increase to its cooldown – increasing from 25 seconds to 35 seconds.

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Wraith is one of the most offensive-minded Legends in the game.

Keeping that in mind, QuakeV recommends people who are trying to get better with Wraith get used to being “conservatively” with her tactical. This changes how the YouTuber goes into fights.


He tries to “finish a fight in the span of time where [they] have to use [their] cooldown once.” The 35-second cooldown makes it hard for players to rely on the ability to start and escape a battle like it used to be the case.

For players looking to combo her ult and Tactical, QuakeV recommends using her portal to “set up angles that your enemy can’t deal with.”

To do that, he recommends using the Ult place a rift on their left or right flank, using the Q to stay safe. Once it’s placed, simply taking the portal back to your own team makes the enemy team now think about the idea of a flank.


This way they have to contend with your team in front of them and split aggro by taking the portal to make a new crossfire. Just the idea of the portal can make some players break and make a mistake, in which your team can take advantage of any oversteps.

Another crafty way to use the Ult is to push up as Wraith without your team, and if you get caught out by a team who takes you to low health, apply a “bait portal.”

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Wraith’s Portal can be used for more than just escapes and rotations.

“Place a portal down and you should be going back towards the direction of where your is,” QuakeV says. “Meet up with your team with your portal and your enemies are on your tail waiting for you to place so that you can take it and finish you off.”


But if your team is on the other side of your portal ready with grenades and weapons at the ready, an enemy team thinking they’re finishing off a rogue Wraith just got baited into a trap.

QuakeV’s guide is sprawling with tips for any player to raise their game, and is definitely worth a watch.