How to know when Wraith’s portal will disappear in Apex Legends

Wraith in her Voidwalker skinRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have got a genius tip that lets you see exactly how long an existing Wraith portal has left before it ultimately disappears.

As one of the most popular and powerful characters in Apex Legends, it’s impossible to drop into a game and not see Wraith. The Interdimensional Skirmisher is the perfect choice for teams, and players, who want to keep a low profile and run rings around enemies.

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However, unlike a lot of other characters, she doesn’t quite have timers or voice lines for when her abilities are set to run out. 

That can be a little frustrating for Wraiths who want to chain portals and void runs together in order to stay alive in the late game. Though, if you keep your eyes trained to the screen, you can get the timings down to a tee.

Wraith stood by a portal in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Wraith and her portal are an all too familiar sight in Apex.

All you have to do to figure out when Wraith’s existing portal is going to disappear is to watch the charge on her ultimate. As Reddit user Leth34 showed, once that hits 39%, her existing portal will disappear. 

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Yet can still run through to the other side if you’re already inside a portal and the countdown has passed 39%. As you might have guessed, the portal will simply disappear once you come out on the other side.

The timings can change, however, if you have a gold helmet equipped. In that scenario, as many other players pointed out, the portal will stick around for a further 10% of the countdown and disappear at 49%.

Getting the timing right can obviously be very beneficial for Wraith players. As, ultimately, they’ll be able to make an even quicker and better escape from sticky situations. 

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It can be difficult, of course, as you might struggle to keep an eye on the timer when you’re in a dangerous firefight. Though, if it is something you can keep in mind, it’ll pay off in the long run.

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