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Future Apex Legends Lifeline nerf hidden in War Games event trailer

Published: 9/Apr/2021 14:45

by Connor Bennett


A future change to Lifeline has seemingly been revealed in the War Games event trailer, and it looks like her revive shield is being changed. 

Respawn Entertainment have been shaking up their crop of legends with each new season, and Season 9 should be no different. A new legend – either Ash or Blisk, if leaks are true – would be added as usual, and changes will be made to the existing characters.

Previously, members of the Respawn team have spoken about Lifeline being changed. She’s currently in a strong position as it relates to the meta, but is in line for a passive nerf and ultimate buff.


The devs have teased getting rid of the shield that Lifeline throws up when reviving a teammate, and that looks like it could be the case – but it might not be completely gone.

Apex Legends Lifeline Guide
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s healing drone can heal teammates even when you’re not around.

In the recent War Games event trailer, players noticed that there is a quick scene where the camera is zoomed in on Lifeline but one of her teammates is being picked up just behind her.

The DOC healing bot is helping them to their feet as normal, however, the shield is nowhere to be seen. This has led some eagle-eyed and quick-thinking fans to point out that, like Respawn teased, the nerf on Lifeline’s passive should be that either her shield is gone for good or it’s on a bit of a cooldown.


Apex lead Daniel Klein previously noted that getting rid of the shield would “gut her” and that a cooldown per teammate was being considered.

Looks like devs are removing the down shield on lifelines revive in season 9 from ApexUncovered

The exact details of the change aren’t confirmed, however, this quick secret should lock in a change for Season 9.

Players have voiced their concern with getting rid of the shield completely, but it remains to be seen which path the devs will take until we get patch notes.