Frustrating Apex Legends’ Loba exploit is gifting free Winter Express wins

Shay Robson
Loba next to Winter Express train

An Apex Legends exploit with Loba is giving players free wins in the beloved Winter Express game mode.

Returning for its second time, the fan-favorite Winter Express LTM – which was first introduced in 2019 – has given Apex Legends players another way to enjoy the battle royale over the holiday season.

The objective of the popular round-based LTM is for the two squads to fight for control of the Winter Express train, which travels around the World’s Edge map. However, players are furious over a new Loba exploit that is practically giving out free wins in the game mode.

Apex Legends Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has certainly had her fair share of glitches and bugs.

In a Reddit post on December 25, Apex Legends player sleepy0_oboii shared a video of their opponent using an exploit while playing the Winter Express mode.

The video posted showed Loba glitched into a crate on the Winter Express train. With the objective being taking full control of the train, the exploit made it impossible to do so which would lead to continuous overtime.

“This is dumb as f**k,” said sleepy0_oboii. “This Loba is literally stacking wins from this glitch.”

Other players chimed in on the thread with their own experiences of this exploit. “Had a Loba do this the other day to me,” said aresheild. “We held the train so nobody got a point until they got sick of it and came out and then we won. Don’t let those losers who take advantage of an exploit win.”

Some players pointed out that other Loba’s should be able to use their abilities to glitch into the crate and kill those manipulating the bug, but it seems somewhat counter-intuitive and annoying.

With the devs closed for the holidays, and with a backlog of bizarre bugs to patch, unfortunately, we likely won’t see a fix for the exploit anytime soon.

For now, Loba players will continue to collect their free wins.