Apex Legends players discover secret “rat trail” on Storm Point

Bill Cooney
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Players have found a whole area on Storm Point not marked on maps that’s accessible to any hero in the game.

So-called “rat spots” in Apex are various nooks and crannies spread throughout the game’s maps that let players hide out in places most wouldn’t even think to look.

Storm Point being the latest Apex map, players have been hard at work exploring every inch of its layout. Now, a whole new area near Cenote Cave has been discovered — and it doesn’t take any movement abilities to get to.

Storm Point’s “rat trail”

As you can see in the video above, there is an outcropping of rocks that you can scurry on top of and reach a plant-covered area nestled on the side of a cliff.

Almost the entire area is free from out-of-bounds timers, and if you do run into one it’s pretty simple to just move into safety.

Once you’re in the spot, you can chill indefinitely, which makes this a very clutch little area if the circle ends up in the Southwest corner of the map, where the Cenote Cave is located.

Cenote Cave Storm Point Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Cenote Cave POI on the Storm Point map — the rat trail is up on top of the rocks that make up the cave.

If you aren’t in the spot, it could be worth sending a few shots or a grenade up there, just to make sure no other players are taking advantage of it either.

Like we mentioned, you don’t need a legend with movement abilities to reach this area, even though it would make things a bit easier. That being said though, a Gibraltar dropping from out of nowhere might be the last thing opponents expect.