EA CEO confirms delays for Apex Legends Mobile release date

Daniel Cleary
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The release date for the mobile version of Apex Legends is confirmed to have been pushed back, after EA CEO Andrew Wilson provided fans with an update in the company’s quarter two financial results.

After recently launching on Steam, and with plans to come out for Nintendo Switch players in the coming months, Respawn are slowly making Apex Legends available for battle royale fans on every platform.

With mobile gaming also taking off in recent years, the Apex devs confirmed that a mobile port of the game is also in the works, however, it will be released a little later than initially expected.

Apex Legends season 7 art
The mobile version of Apex Legends is still in the development stage.

When Apex Legends Mobile was first announced, it was originally expected to “soft launch” by the end of 2020, but as we enter the final months of the year, EA have now shared another update on its arrival.

During their quarter two financial results, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson announced that the mobile version is still in development and that it is currently expected to finish by early 2021.

Wilson revealed that the game will be released at some point during the 2022 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2021.

However, the upcoming fiscal year will finish in September 2022, giving the Apex Legends devs a large window to get the mobile port ready for its eventual release.

It was previously revealed that the mobile game would launch on both Apple and Android devices, which could add to the time it takes to develop the Mobile version.

While it is unclear what exactly is causing these delays, Apex Legends is quite a technical game and with the release of the third Apex Legends map, Olympus, in Season 7, it is continuing to expand.

Although EA and Respawn have yet to pick an exact launch date for the mobile title, we now have a better idea of just how long it will take until mobile players can try Apex for themselves.

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