Apex Legends under fire for cost and RNG of Apex Packs in Iron Crown event

Andy Williams

Less than 24 hours after the release of the Iron Crown event for Apex Legends, Respawn have received a flood of backlash from players complaining about the cost of acquiring the new skins through packs

The highly anticipated Iron Crown update released on all platforms as a limited time event, on August 13. The main attraction was the introduction of solo mode, as well as map changes and a plethora of new cosmetics.

Since the event is time constrained, players a have a restricted opportunity to unlock their exclusive cosmetics until the event comes to a halt (currently scheduled for August 27).

EA/Respawn EntertainmentPlayers are greeted with a ‘Collection’ screen that prompts the purchase of Iron Crown Event Packs.

With the in-game store previously receiving criticism (primarily for its lack of content and high price-points), fans of the popular battle royale were eagerly anticipating a fresh batch of cosmetics that would also be accessible — given the obvious time constraints of the event.

Indeed, the player and weapon skins have received praise from the community for the creative efforts invested by Respawn.

However, players are disgruntled about the pricing and accessibility of Iron Crown content. Only available in ‘Iron Crown Event Packs’ which cost a whopping 700 Apex Coins per pack – roughly $7 (£5.59).

The prevailing consensus among fans is about the reliance upon the randomization of the loot boxes, meaning that players have no choice over what skin that they receive. 

Another post on the Apex Legends sub reddit is entitled “I’m sorry Respawn, but this is where you lost me”, racking up almost 30,000 upvotes.

Respawn have offered players two free Iron Crown Event Packs from playing the game, which means that players would still need to purchase a further 22 packs, costing around $154 (£123) to unlock every item.

The addition of the ‘Event Store’ – where players can spend ‘crowns’ (an in-game currency from completing event-specific challenges) gives players an opportunity to obtain six additional cosmetics that the Iron Crown packs do not offer.

EA/Respawn EntertainmentThe Event Store allows players to spend ‘crowns’ obtained from Iron Crown challenges.

Although, given the context, the inclusion of an Event Store appears like an attempt to soften the blow for restricting players into a gambling mechanic that is built into a limited time event.

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