Dr Disrespect explains why Fortnite has been more successful than Apex Legends

Albert Petrosyan

Prominent streamer Dr Disrespect believes that a specific aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale has allowed it to be more successful than Apex Legends, and he’s revealed the reason live on stream. 

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It’s no secret that the Doc is not the world’s biggest fan of Fortnite BR, having raged at the game and uninstalled it live on stream on countless occasions.

However, not even he could deny the virtually unprecedented levels of success the popular battle royale has reached since its release, becoming a worldwide phenomenon that’s even spilled over the boundaries of gaming and culture.

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Discussing the game during his June 10 livestream, the Two-Time cited its building mechanic as one of the major reasons why so many people “latched” on it, considering how revolutionary it was when first introduced.

“What made that game so intriguing and why people latched on it was this ability to build a wall and a ramp while you’re fighting somebody at the same time,  in real time,” he said. “It was a new mechanic, and it created a skill gap. That second-to-second mechanic, I’m not seeing a lot of from the industry.” 

He contrasted Fortnite BR’s complex building feature with the special abilities that players can use while Apex Legends, explaining that Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale simply does not have the depth in its innovation to keep up.

He confessed that the abilities in Apex, as creative as they may be, simply come down to players pressing a singular button that then activates something, which lacks in that “second-to-second” interaction that Epic Games’ game has done so well to nail down.

“The exact opposite approach is like Apex, for example,” he explained. “All you did is press a button at a certain time, and you go invisible for a set amount of time, and then you’re out of it. There’s not a lot of control; you’re not giving full control to the player. All their abilities are very ‘let me touch the button, and I have to perform something for a certain amount of time.’ No no no.” 

Despite Doc’s comments, there is still a lot to be optimistic about right now for fans of Apex Legends, considering that the upcoming Season 2 is expected to be a lot more exciting and packed with content than the first.

The second season will introduce the brand new Legend Wattson, a new weapon called the L-STAR, and possibly even dragon-like creatures that players can use to move around.

Season 2, called Battle Charge, will go live on July 2, 2019, featuring a new and improved Battle Pass that is going to be “even bigger and better.” 

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Albert is a former esports and gaming writer, focused particularly on Call of Duty and content creators. Spending over three years at Dexerto, Albert eventually now works with streamer NICKMERCS and the MFAM group. You can find Albert @AlbertoRavioli on Twitter.