Dr Disrespect explains major issue with Rampart in Apex Legends Season 13

Joe Craven
Dr Disrespect next to Rampart

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has outlined his major issue with Rampart in Apex Legends Season 13, explaining why he won’t be playing with the Amped Modder moving forwards. 

Dr Disrespect made a long-awaited return to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends with Season 13, dropping into Storm Point to try out Newcastle and see all the map changes have to offer.

However, in a discussion about which legend he’ll use moving forwards, the Doc outlined why it won’t be Rampart, despite her intimidating Sheila Minigun and useful utility.

Rampart in Apex Legends using Sheila
Rampart’s Sheila minigun and Amped Cover make her a defensive and fairly niche legend.

Speaking in a May 13 live stream, Doc outlined why he’s considering making a switch to being a Rampart main but ultimately won’t be playing with her.

While her Minigun and Amped Cover give her tremendous firepower, her naturally defensive playstyle makes her less fun, especially for someone so enamored with violence, speed and momentum.

“Rampart is boring,” he read, before agreeing: “Yeah that’s the only thing – there’s not much else she can do other than lay down shields and then take out the machine gun. That’s it. And her shields get shot out like this. Takes like two shots, bum bum down done. I kinda agree that’s the only thing with Rampart.”

He finished: “Like there’s nothing else that makes me wanna play her other than that machine gun and take that thing for a spin. But is that really helping out the team?”

His comments are a fairly common sentiment in the Apex Legends community, with Rampart long being way down the pick rate pecking order because she is so defensively-minded. At the start of Season 13, she is down in fifteenth on the list of most-picked legends, with just a 2.5% pick rate.

Whether Respawn look to buff her is another matter, but Doc viewers can expert more Bloodhound for now.

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