Apex Legends thankfully removes annoying 2-hour map slots in Season 13

season 13 changes ro storm point map in apexRespawn Entertainment

Sessions of Apex Legends are about to become very varied as Respawn Entertainment have declared that the “2-hour” map rotation window has been abolished for Season 13, making players very happy about this announcement.

One aspect that truly sets Apex Legends apart from most other battle royale experiences is its pool of different maps. Whereas Warzone offers Caldera and the smaller Rebirth Island, and Fortnite just has one island, Apex Legends has four fully-fledged maps to compete on.

By having Kings Canyon, Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge, Apex Legends’ gameplay is able to stay interesting. However, the devs traditionally keep maps rotating at set intervals which players have considered to be too long for a while now.

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This no longer looks to be an issue, though, as Respawn have confirmed this will be changing.

new legend newcastle in apex in trailer Respawn Entertainment
The map rotation change is another that caters directly to the wants of its fanbase.

Apex Season 13 to scrap map rotation blocks

Previously, if a player hopped into Apex Legends at the beginning of a new map rotation slot, they would be able to enjoy whichever map was available, but that would be it for 2 hours until the game rotated to a different one.

Even if there’s one you prefer more than the others, variety is the spice of life after all!

So it’s been pleasing to many fans in the Season 13 patch notes to see that the devs have said this: “The map rotation for the season for Saviors will be Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. We’re also removing the longer 2-hour rotation block. We felt that could be too long considering it could span the whole play session for some people.”

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A post on the Apex subreddit was filled with plenty of joyous sentiments regarding the decision, with one player saying: “Omg I’m so excited for no more 2-hour map blocks,” and another adding: “A shorter duration sounds great.”

With no new map due in Season 13, a healthy mix of existing maps not repeating themselves should serve players well. There’s no clear indication of how long the new gap between maps will be, if there even is one at all now.

It will also give players different ways to try out new Legend Newcastle and mess around with the Season 13 buffs and nerfs to both Legends and weapons.

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