Deadly Apex Legends Gravity Cannon bug is killing unsuspecting players

apex legends vantage gravity cannon headerRespawn Entertainment

A strange Apex Legends bug ended one player’s match after they were unexpectedly launched into the storm by a Gravity Cannon.

Apex Legends’ Season 11 map, Storm Point, introduced players to the Gravity Cannon which launches players across the map at high speeds.

While Gravity Cannons can be extremely helpful in certain situations they don’t always work as intended.

Now, one player experienced a deadly bug surrounding the Gravity Cannon that unexpectedly ended their game early.

Apex Legends Gravity Cannon bug kills player

The bug comes from Reddit user alex1inferno, who posted a brief clip of the incident on the Apex Legends subreddit.

The video shows a solo Vantage player leaping across Storm Point after a fight. Unfortunately, they’re spotted by enemy players right after using Vantage’s Echo tactical ability.

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While attempting to use the underside of a Gravity Cannon to take cover and heal, the Cannon starts up and launches the player directly into the storm, despite being nowhere near the launch pad.

Tragically, the Vantage player could do nothing as they hurtled into the storm and died, losing the game.

According to some commenters on the thread, this isn’t an isolated incident either. “I’ve had this happen twice in back to back games on the other side of the grab cannon. Shoots you up and backwards lmao.”

Another user called ErnieDaChicken also experienced a similar bug and said, “This happened to me and a teammate as well in end game of ranked… definitely no longer utilizing cannons as cover.”

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However, one player thinks it may just be that specific Gravity Cannon that’s bugged. “This one is bugged, and will do this. Don’t take cover behind it like this. Had to yell at my buddy to avoid this, he thought I was crazy.”

Whether or not this is an issue with all of Storm Point’s Gravity Cannons remains to be seen, but hopefully, Respawn can provide a fix for the issue soon before more players end up launching themselves to their doom.