Octane trick lets you double jump from Apex Legends Gravity Cannons

Respawn Entertainment

A trick with Octane allows you to double jump while using the Gravity Cannons on Apex Legend’s newest map Storm Point.

Gravity Cannons are the hottest trend right now in Apex Legends. Released with the new map in Season 11, the rotational tools have brought a breath of fresh air for players.

They give players the chance to travel the map in style and pull off some exciting outplays that leave enemies baffled.

However, you can take advantage of the Cannons with specific legends. A trick has been found when using Octane that allows you to double jump when inside the Cannon, and it makes getting around the map easier than ever.

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apex legends gravity cannonsRespawn Entertainment
The Gravity Cannons let players get about much easier.

Octane Gravity Cannon exploit

Since the release of Storm Point, crafty players have pulled off impressive outplays with Gravity Cannons by using the likes of Loba’s abilities. But now, players have found that using Octane’s jump pad lets you double jump while you’re traveling in the air.

In the video uploaded on November 11, Apex Legends creator Mokeysniper showed multiple ways how can use Octane’s jump pad can be used to double jump in the cannon.

The simple trick allows players to go even further than where they’re supposed to land, or they can shift off course and land somewhere entirely different as demonstrated numerous times in the video.

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There are multiple ways to do the trick, which were showcased in Mokeysniper’s video, and you can even do it all by yourself.

It remains to be seen as to whether Respawn Entertainment will have to act and get rid of the trick, or if they’ll simply let it slide.