How to use Vantage’s Echo tactical with other Legends abilities in Apex Legends

Vantage in Apex Legends holding a sniper with EchoRespawn/EA

Vantage’s winged companion, Echo, can provide some abilities with a helpful boost in Apex Legends, making them stronger than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

The start of Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted marked the arrival of one of the most highly-anticipated legends in quite some time – Vantage.

The Survivalist Sniper has already made her mark on the Apex Games by shooting to the top of the pick rate charts and proving to be an annoyance for some legends to play against, most notably, Mirage due to her Sniper’s Mark and Spotter’s Lens abilities.

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On top of those two, she is also accompanied by Echo, a winged companion that gives Vantage the chance to jump to different positions in a flash. Though, Echo has a few more uses than that as it stands.

All abilities that can combine with Echo in Apex Legends

Yes, Echo might look and be pretty small in the Apex Games, but Vantage’s trusty companion is pretty might when it comes to carrying things on his back.

As players have found, Echo has can be combined with a few abilities and survival items, including Heat Shields, Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate, and Lifeline’s D.O.C Health Drone.

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All you have to do is place Echo down, toss the ability towards him, and then you’ll be off to the races. And yes, the abilities can all be moved around using the relocation ability, so it makes things pretty powerful for Vantage.

  • Horizon’s Black Hole
  • Lifeline’s D.O.C Health Drone
  • Health Shields

As we’ve seen previously with Crypto’s Drone and the Trident vehicles, players are more than capable of finding unintended interactions and making things a little more powerful than they should be. We’re still trying to get over Mad Maggie’s riot drill being flown around with flames flying everywhere.

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If things get too out of hand with these interactions, then you can be sure that Respawn will step in and take them away. But, for now, enjoy these.

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