Horizon paired with Gravity Cannons is overpowered in Apex Legends Season 11

Horizon Gravity Cannon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Horizon’s Passive paired with the new Gravity Cannons on Storm Point is a combo that makes rotating across the map in Apex Legends incredibly easy and effective.

After a set of significant nerfs to her Gravity Lift back in Season 9, the Gravitational Manipulator isn’t the top-tier pick she used to be and is currently the tenth most popular Legend in-game.

However, with the launch of Season 11, Horizon has been given a new lease of life and it’s thanks to a brand new feature added with the Storm Point map.

Implemented to replace Jump Towers, Gravity Cannons are huge contraptions that propel Legends into the air and across the map.

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While they’re just simple rotational tools for most characters, Horizon’s Passive allows her to push the Gravity Cannons to the limit and travel unbelievably long distances.

Gravity Cannon Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
Horizon’s Spacewalk Passive allows her to control her movement in the air and hit the ground with no impact.

Horizon Gravity Cannon trick is perfect for rotations

Horizon’s Passive ability Spacewalk allows her to control her movement through the air and reduce fall impact when she hits the ground.

Although this isn’t particularly useful for Jump Towers, Gravity Cannon’s fire Legends horizontally, so Horizon can bounce multiple times after hitting the ground.

This makes it easy to travel nearly twice as far as any other characters in the game, making it simple to retreat from a gunfight or pursue a retreating squad.

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Reddit user redityuh showcases the trick in a thread on the Apex Legends subreddit, displaying how far Horizon can travel after hopping into a Gravity Cannon.

While this trick certainly won’t put Horizon into the strongest pick on Storm Point overnight, it’s definitely worth knowing if you main the Gravitational Manipulator, or struggle with rotations in your matches.

Just make sure to land into a slide to maintain your momentum and you’ll be able to travel huge distances, just make sure not to leave your squad behind!