OpTic Texas star Scump announces CoD retirement: “Thanks for everything”


Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has officially retired and stepped down from OpTic Texas’ starting lineup prior to CDL Major 2.

It has been known since the Vanguard offseason that Scump would retire after the Modern Warfare 2 season wrapped up, but in a shock move, he has decided to hang up the controller early.

Abner announced the decision via a video of his private retirement party where he announced that Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell will be returning to the starting lineup.

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“I hope people are happy with the new roster at the very least, I think you guys are going to be absolutely disgusting,” he said in an emotional state. “After seeing [Shottzy] and [Huke] as a sub duo it was kind of an easy decision. I’m not fast like that anymore.”

He went on to explain that the early decision was a result of “overestimating” his energy and simply not having the energy to keep up with the workload required to be a pro.

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Scump also announced that he’ll be staying around the scene and will use the newfound free time to engage more with supporters than he could before.

“For the supporters that may be mad or upset at me and my decision, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up,” he assured them. “I’ll be attending events still and meeting people, which I couldn’t really do as a player.”

The organization acknowledged Scump’s farewell and verified the big change.

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Their lineup going forward will be Huke, Shottzy, Dashy, and iLLeY and the squad returns to competition with the new version of their roster on January 20 against Seattle Surge.

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