Scump eager to stream Valorant after Nadeshot advice but has one major concern

OpTic Texas Scump over Valorant background with Valorant logo in top left cornerRiot Games/Call of Duty League

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has explained that he is really keen to stream Valorant following his Call of Duty retirement following advice from Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, but has one major concern about making the switch.

Scump announced his retirement from professional Call of Duty on January 17 after over a decade at the top, announcing plans to transition to being a full-time content creator.

In his first streams as a retired man, Scump’s CDL watch parties were huge, gaining more viewers than the official stream, and since then he’s started to stream Warzone with the likes of former teammates Nadeshot and Marcus ‘MBoze’ Blanks.

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It was in one of these streams, on January 24, when Nadeshot advised Scump to try hopping on Valorant at some point, and while Scump said he was up for it, he did have one key concern about doing so.

“I’m down to run some Val,” he told Nade. “I don’t know if people would watch me play Val though.”

Nadeshot, ever the supportive friend, completely disagreed, saying that Scump is in the class of someone like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek where he could “play any game, and you might not have 20,000 viewers, but that number would slowly but surely go up.”

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Scump then admitted that he’s got to “get out of the mindset’ and not let it be scary to play other games that aren’t Call of Duty.

This comes just days after Nadeshot called Scump’s move to full-time content “f**king dangerous” for other creators, as he believes his former OpTic teammate is ready to dominate the Twitch charts.

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