Clever Apex Legends trick lets Loba teleport huge distances

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players have uncovered a clever way to get a bit more distance with Loba’s bracelet by combining it with Octane’s ultimate.

Ever since season five of Apex Legends launched on May 12, players have been trying to get to grips with the battle royale’s newest legend, Loba Andrade. The Translocating Thief has quickly become a fixture in games as she causes havoc for opposing teams with her Black Market Boutique ultimate. 

Though, while players are trying to perfect the placement of her ultimate, it is her tactical ability – Burglar’s Best Friend – that really gives her an advantage. Loba’s bracelet throw allows her to quickly get around the map and also reach spots that not many other legends can move into.

Loba in Apex Legends turning round
Loba is the newest member of the Apex Games.

Now, though, players have noted that she can combine her bracelet throw with Octane’s jump pad ultimate for a little extra distance. The clever tip was pointed out by Reddit user HikingPit440, who showed that they got a boost from the jump pad as the bracelet landed on top of it. 

Landing the bracelet on the pad didn’t shoot them to another part of the Kings Canyon map, but the extra added distance could make all the difference when wanting to engage and enemy team or reach the safe zone as a circle is closing in.

Obviously, every Apex Legends character can take advantage of Octane’s jump pad – whether it is thanks to their teammate throwing one down or stumbling across an enemy pad that has been left in the wild.

Players have even noted that you can pull of styling plays with bouncing grenades and such off the pads, but for Loba, it might prove to be an extra string to her impressive arsenal. Thankfully, though, her ability doesn’t affect the pads in the same way that Mirage’s decoy does.

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