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Apex Legends player discovers invisible platform above Kings Canyon

Published: 22/May/2020 9:47 Updated: 23/May/2020 8:44

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have flagged a strange new bug that is allowing them to land atop an invisible platform above Kings Canyon, giving them the chance to snipe from the sky or be separated from teammates.

The launch of Apex Legends season five gave battle royale players to use the highly anticipated character Loba, but, Respawn Entertainment have had plenty of work on their hands when it comes to bugs and other issues.

The biggest frustration so far has been the recently patched hit registration issues, although plenty of other nagging problems have surfaced, like being unable to loot death boxes or having Mirage decoys disrupt Octane’s ultimate. Now, a new problem that allows players to land on top of an invisible platform in the sky can also be added to the list.


The new season of Apex Legends has given way to a new character, map changes, and more.

The strange new issue was pointed out by Reddit user SpabRog, noting that as they came out of the portal above labs, their drop was impeded by the invisible platform while he was playing as Mirage. 

As the Redditor showed, he was as bamboozled as someone seeing a Mirage decoy for the first time as he walked around the platform trying to figure out what was going on. However, he didn’t stay there for long. Instead, SpabRog managed to find his way back to solid ground and was able to carry on with the game.

the heck? standing on invisible platform high up in the air lol from apexlegends

Other players pointed out that they’ve also run into the invisible platform, with some using it to their advantage. One player, I_Eated_A_Soup, said you are even able to ping it, while another pointed out that you can end up with fall damage if you drop off it.


Obviously, if the platform isn’t meant to be there then it is something for Respawn to address with a quick fix of some kind.

Whether they do so anytime soon, however, very much remains to be seen.