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Frustrating Apex Legends bug isn’t letting players exit respawn ships

Published: 23/May/2020 0:35

by Bill Cooney


A frustrating new bug is getting in Apex Legends players’ way when they’re trying to exit the respawn dropship and rejoin their team, trapping them with no escape instead.

Usually, when your teammates recover your banner and take it to a beacon, you should be good to go as soon as you drop in (unless an enemy team is waiting to ambush you).

That’s what makes this latest bug so strange and frustrating at the same time, since there’s no way for a player to avoid getting stuck while respawning, with how legends automatically run out of the ship.


Well… i think apex hate me from r/apexlegends

The above clip of the glitch was posted to Reddit by user MrGuille, and based on the series of very unfortunate events it contains, it does seem like the game has a vendetta against this player in particular.

As MrGuille prepares to drop in with Caustic, against all odds, the King’s Canyon loot ship descends at the exact same time, getting in the way of the opening where you drop in from.

Instead of falling down and joining their team, Caustic gets trapped inside the model of the ship, and is unable to escape despite jumping, sliding, and climbing around.


Despite being trapped, there doesn’t seem to be anything that would kill or eliminate the player, until the ring eventually closes in on them or you decide to call it quits.

Unfortunately, MrGuille didn’t test whether or not it was possible to send Caustic’s traps outside of the area. If you were stuck there, at least it would be entertaining to drop gas on top of unsuspecting enemies.

Respawn Entertainment
We’re pretty sure this isn’t how respawns in Apex are supposed to work.

The good news is that whether or not Respawn devs are aware of the bug, it’s a pretty easy one to avoid. All you have to do is tell your teammate to avoid incoming ships when they’re trying to bring you back.


But it would be entertaining to test and see whether or not you can actually turn the Supply Ships into a Caustic-powered chemical warfare bomber before it’s hopefully patched out.