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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players find another hidden easter egg in Firing Range

Published: 10/Jun/2020 15:27

by Calum Patterson


The Firing Range in Apex Legends is seemingly full of nifty little teasers and easter eggs for players to find, and now in Season 5, more are still cropping up.

Not long after Apex first released, players found a toy ‘Nessy’ and toy dog in the practice area, and later discovered you could even go into third-person mode.

Now, another easter egg has been uncovered, but it looks like it might not be in its final form just yet. Anyone can see this in-game, if you want to check it out for yourself.

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The firing range in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
There’s a handful of quirky teasers in the Firing Range.

By simply approaching the targets in the range, you’ll see a small QR code is visible, which you’ll then need to scan with your smartphone. Simply open up your camera, and hold it over the code.


For now, this code will then direct you to the homepage of Respawn’s website, showing you latest news from what the studio is working on.

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For now, there’s nothing more to see than that, which at first you might think is a little disappointing.

There is RQ code on the shooting targets at the firing range. If you scan it, it takes you to Respawn Official Website. from r/apexlegends

But, Respawn always have something up their sleeves, and now we know that they can use the QR codes in-game, it may be a new way for them to tease content coming to the game in a cryptic way.

Other developers have used similar tricks to this in the past. Call of Duty devs have used QR codes to release teasers for upcoming entries in the series, for example.


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Eagle-eyed Apex players will now be on the hunt for more codes in the future, and there may even be some in the game already that haven’t been found yet.

To view and scan QR codes, you only need a smartphone, so they’re an easily accessible way to share information discreetly, useful for dropping small teasers and building up some hype.

For now, though, the Firing Range code just takes you to their homepage. We can only hope they have other plans for this feature down the line.