Classic Titanfall weapon spotted in Apex Legends battle pass video

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends could be set to add another Titanfall weapon to its ranks after players saw something new lurking in the battle pass video for the Wingman’s ‘Attention To Detail’ skin.

With Apex Legends and Titanfall both coming from Respawn Entertainment, fans of both games have been hoping for more and more crossovers. The developers have, on more than one occasion, shut down hopes of having actual Titans roam around the battle royale map.

However, when it comes to things like weapons and lore, Titanfall plays a big role in the Apex universe. Guns like the R-99, Flatline, and Charge Rifle – among plenty of others – have all made the switch. Now, though, it appears as if another could be set to join them. 

The Flatline was in Titanfall prior to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal noted that some players had noticed a weapon resembling Titanfall’s EPG-1 was being used by a DUMMIE in the battle pass trailer for the Wingman’s ‘Attention To Detail’ skin.

The plasma grenade launcher only appears for a split second, and while some fans might suggest that it is actually the Prowler, Shrugtal pointed out that there are clear differences when you actually give it a proper look. 

The leaker also went on to add that last year, a whole host of Titanfall weapons were added to the Apex files, but they were subsequently removed and never made it into the game. 

In a similar vein, players noticed that before the Sentinel was added to Apex, it also appeared on the back of a DUMMIE during a reveal for one of Crypto’s finishers. He also added that what players saw in the Wingman video could be a second version of the EPG that is purposed purely for Apex.

Obviously, it is not confirmed if the EPG will actually be headed to the Apex Games anytime soon, though Shrugtal further noted that the weapon could be the answer to questions surrounding a new explosive ammo logo. 

It still remains to be seen as to whether or not Respawn adds the grenade launcher to the battle royale’s arsenal of weapons any time soon.

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