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Chaos ensues after bizarre Apex Legends bug spawns everyone at the same spot

Published: 25/Apr/2021 1:21

by Alan Bernal


An entire Apex Legends lobby was spawned in the exact same spot on Olympus, and the community didn’t exactly hate how the glitch turned the battle royale’s gameplay on its head.

Typically BRs make players choose where they want to start a match by letting them touchdown on their preferred point of interest. This lets them loot up, and duke it out in as neutral of a ground as possible.

But server issues within the game lent itself to a bizarre bug that squeezed 15 squads within Olympus’ Carrier. Instead of your typical game of Apex, some were likening the effects to an LTM inspired by the Hunger Games.


In a video by Reddit user ‘cough_e,’ a mad scramble for any type of loot was sparked after people were just spawned on the map shortly after the loading screen faded away.

Got in a game while the servers were having issues and there was no ship, just everyone starting in carrier. Chaos ensued. from apexlegends

After a half-second of hesitation from everyone in the Supercarrier, people quickly realized what was happening and chaos immediately ensued.

Cough_e and many others chose to start hammering away at each other with their melee attacks, others elected to pick up any weapon to help them out. Considering the situation, even a sidearm was enough to down a few people.

Some players surmised that the game’s server stalled while running the match. So the drop ship was long gone and people were still slowly loading onto Olympus, which caused this as a result.


Apex Legends players want this for Season 9 Arenas mode

apex legends glitch respawn spawn server
Reddit: cough_e
Even though it was just a glitch, some people would love to see something like this as an Apex Legends LTM.

With Apex Legends going into Season 9: Legacy, there’s going to be heaps of players jumping back into the battle royale to try out the new chapter’s updates to the game like the new Arenas mode.

As we wait for more details about the new mode, there were plenty of Apex Legends fans who were thinking this could be a suitable LTM for Respawn to try out.

Some went so far as to say that they would love if Arenas had gameplay similar to something like this.

It’s a tough sell since there surely wouldn’t be enough loot to go around, but the Apex Legends community had a blast seeing what could await them in the Season 9 mode.