Bizarre Apex Legends glitch turns Replicator into an instant death trap

Philip Trahan
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Players reported a strange glitch with Apex Legends’ crafting replicators that turns them into instant death traps for unsuspecting users.

While Season 14 of Apex Legends has been a major success for developer Respawn, it seems there may be a problem with frequent glitches.

Players encountered a lot of glitches surrounding Vantage, the new recon Legend, with more and more cropping up each day it seems.

Now, fans reported a bizarre glitch surrounding the battle royale’s crafting Replicators which turns them into instant death traps.

Apex Legends Replicator glitch leads to instant death

Replicators in Apex Legends
Though Apex’s Replicators can make some squads easy targets, they aren’t supposed to do the killing themselves.

The glitch comes from the Apex Legends subreddit where user ulwrestler145 posted a video of their unfortunate experience.

The clip shows a Vantage player and their squad approaching a Replicator to start crafting.

The Vantage crafts one Shield Battery before shifting to the other empty crafting slot to craft a Med Kit.

However, upon exiting the crafting menu, the recon Legend immediately falls through the ground until they passed through the death plane.

It seems as though ulwrestler145 isn’t the only player that encountered Replicator glitches in Season 14, either.

“They need to fix the bugs with the crafter. In KC using it forces you to crouch after you craft something on some of the crafters,” said SteelFuxorz.

A different user by the name of WTF_Vendrick said they’d experienced the same crouching glitch as well.

In fact, the glitch shown in the video may just be an extension of the crouching glitch other players experienced.

While it seems no one knows why exactly this Vantage player fell through the map, the glitch forcing them to crouch could have caused some strange collision between the player model and the ground.

In any case, hopefully Respawn will take a look at these strange glitches and roll out a patch soon enough.