Ridiculous Apex Legends bug spawns player into lobby on their own

Newcastle in Apex Legends holding charge rifle in doorwayRespawn

Apex Legends fans are absolutely puzzled after uncovering a new bug that spawns players into a lobby on their own.

The Apex Legends community is no stranger to dealing with bizarre bugs and glitches. While they’re often harmless, some are certainly frustrating to deal with.

In extreme cases, bugs can sometimes be game-breaking. Recently, we’ve even seen the likes of TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ slam the devs as “incompetent” over a bug that is causing players’ games to crash.

While bugs come and go all the time, the community certainly isn’t shy to hit out at the Respawn devs when they feel necessary. Now, players have uncovered a new bug that puts them in a lobby on their own — leaving many puzzled.

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Apex Legends bug spawns players into lobbies on their own

In a January 21 Reddit thread, Apex Legends fan MasantZA uncovered a bizarre bug. Sharing a video with the community, the player showed how they were somehow placed into a game on their own.

With one else in the lobby, the player was crowned as the Apex Champion while they were still in the dropship.

Others in the thread were left absolutely baffled, with many asking more questions about the bug.

Some were debating whether or not OP actually gained RP. “But did you lose any RP, seeing as no one was there so no kills or ring rotations,” one asked.

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“That’s got to be some kind of record right there,” a player joked. “Guess the matchmaking decided you were either so good it couldn’t find anyone to match you with, or so bad it didn’t want to match you with anyone,” another added.

We’re unsure how the bug occurs, but we’re sure it’ll be fixed by the Respawn when they get the chance.