Strange Apex Legends glitch is breaking Vantage’s tactical ability

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Apex Legends players discovered a strange glitch that makes Vantage’s Echo Relocation tactical ability much harder to use.

Season 14 of Apex Legends brought a ton of new content including the new Recon Legend Vantage.

While some players are using Vantage to pull off some incredible plays, others have found a few problems with her kit.

One of those problems comes in the form of a frustrating UI glitch that makes it incredibly difficult to know when her tactical ability is ready to use.

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Apex Legends glitch breaks Vantage’s tactical

Apex Legends Vantage DeceptionRespawn Entertainment
Vantage’s tactical ability, Echo Relocation, allows her to send out her bat Echo and jump to its position.

The glitch gained traction on the Apex Legends subreddit after user Rebeccubus posted a video of the glitch in action.

The video shows the Vantage player using the Echo Relocation tactical when the ability’s recall bar glitches out and the ability the cooldown timer on the UI completely disappears.

Rebecculus claims that they’ve tried multiple ways to undo the glitch, like restarting Apex or using the tactical in different ways, but to no avail.

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Interestingly, Rebecculus isn’t the only player who’s experienced this UI bug according to various comments.

“Thought it was just me. I’ve been relying on the sound cue to tell me if it’s ready or not,” said Panic-International.

Another user called Laush1 reported experiencing the same glitch. “Even if I bring out Echo and try to see the cooldown, it’s not there. it becomes really annoying and it sometimes baits you to think that you have the ability.”

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Conversely, other players reported experiencing a different bug that allowed them to continuously jump to Echo without any cooldown.

It sounds as though the glitch eventually resolved itself, as Rebecculus commented that restarting the game didn’t help “at the time.”

Still, hopefully Respawn is able to iron out some of Vantage’s strange glitches so fans can enjoy Vantage and Season 14 without issue.

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