Bizarre Apex Legends clip shows player using a pen to dominate matches

Bill Cooney
Playing apex legends with a pen

One Apex Legends player has shown you don’t need a mouse or a controller to absolutely clean up in the battle royale, just a digital stylus, and they have the clips to prove it.

Apex can be played on either PC or console, with the appropriate peripherals (Respawn has confirmed crossplay will be coming, but we don’t know exactly when just yet). What you don’t see everyday however, is someone using a drawing stylus to ball out in the battle royale.

But that’s exactly the path Reddit user Star__Rain chose for themselves after seeing someone play Apex with a stylus over a year ago, and, based on their clips, we’d say they’ve definitely gotten the hang of it.

Amazingly, Rain seems to have better aiming and reaction times with the stylus than most of us do using a boring old keyboard and mouse. But this sort of makes sense, as some people might spend more time using a pen or other wiring utensils than they do a mouse and keyboard or controller.

They’re easily able to down opponents, and they even score an Apex Championship, and it looks as easy as writing some notes down. Instead of jotting down your thoughts though, you’re laying down punishment on your enemies. Sounds fun!

Most standard PC-compatible styluses come with a few buttons on it already, so all you have to do is rebind them to your liking, then you too could be off to the races scribbling away as you aim.

It’s not just Apex though, as Rain said they now prefer to use their pen peripheral for all FPS games, not just the battle royale, and we would be very interested to see how something like this would fare in say CS:GO, Valorant, or CoD as well.

More than a quarter of all Apex Legends fans play Wraith, meaning her rare Voidwalker skin is super-popular.
Playing with a stylus might not be for everyone, but it certainly makes you stand out from the crowd.

Out of this world peripherals are nothing new in gaming, like the streamer who recently conquered Dark Souls 3 using just a dance pad, but using a pen for FPS games is something you just don’t see a whole lot of.

Hopefully, Rain decides to post more clips of how their system works in other games because the action we’ve seen so far in Apex really just leaves us wanting more.