Twitch streamer beats Dark Souls on a dance pad with level 1 character

Bill Cooney
Twitch streamer destroys Dark Souls using a dance pad

[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV]A Twitch streamer breezed through Dark Souls 3 using nothing more than a dance pad using a level one character – and she didn’t even seem phased afterwards.

The Dark Souls series has proven tough enough for most people using regular controllers over the years, but streamer Luality and her trusty dance pad have proven to be a cut above the rest at the infernal RPG.

For her latest feat of skill, Luality conquered the last boss of Dark Souls 3 not only using the out of place periphery, but a level 1 character, or one that you don’t spend any souls on to upgrade their stats.

This runthrough would be difficult for any normal human being on a mouse and keyboard or controller to begin with, but the quick-footed streamer conquered the Soul of Cinder as easily as it were just another day in the office.

“Level one,” an out of breath Luality exclaimed. “We did it, we freaking did it you guys!”

Luality has been battling Dark Souls with a footpad for over a year now, which could go a ways towards explaining why she’s so good with the dance pad – which was originally only for a few, obvious kinds of games.

It also could explain why she isn’t completely freaking out about her insane feat. Luality has been here before, defeating Darkeater Midir from DS3’s Ringed City DLC. The dragon is an optional boss fight that some would argue is even tougher than the Soul of Cinder.

Beating the game with outlandish inputs is a popular pastime with some in the Dark Souls community, one of whom completed a no-hit run using a Guitar Hero controller.

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Luality definitely deserves credit for her run and her skill in beating one of the harder games out there with her dance skills, but we can’t wait to see what challenge she and her dance pad will take on next.

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