Apex Legends item exploit makes grenades completely useless

Connor Bennett
Grenade in Apex Legends

[jwplayer y770CzB5]Apex Legends players have uncovered a strange bug that lets them completely avoid damage from a grenade or Arc Star even though they still explode. 

Just like during any other Apex Legends season, fans of the battle royale have been uncovering a number of bugs and issues throughout season five. Some have been pretty minor while others have made ultimate abilities useless, prevented players from looting, and even let them hide under the map.

However, a new problem seems to be rearing its head, as players have found a way to completely nullify grenades.

Some had tested out the problem by throwing backpacks on top of a live grenade, and Arc Star, before it exploded, but YouTuber Ottr has taken things one step further with his experiment. 

The new bug makes grenades completely useless.

In his July 19 video, the Apex Legends content creator noted that players had uncovered the grenade issue previously but that he wanted to try it out for himself.

While in the firing range training mode, he showcased that when a grenade lands near a player, they can simply drop any item on top of it, and even though the grenade will explode, it will not deal any damage.

That’s right, you can drop anything from a normal backpack to a first aid kit, to gold body armor, and blue helmets on top of the explosive to avoid taking damage. 

Why is this the case? Well, the YouTuber noted that it seems like if you can obscure the line of sight of the grenade, it can’t deal damage. 

While you’d have to think quickly on your feet during a game to be able to prevent taking damage, it’s something that could become an issue.

Whether or not Respawn are aware of the problem and looking to sort it out is unknown as, at the time of writing, it has not appeared on their Trello board of known issues. We’ll just have to wait and see if they decide to do something about it.