Bizarre Apex Legends bug gives player “silenced” Wingman

Carver Fisher
Apex Legends silenced Wingman

An incredibly rare Apex Legends bug leaves a player with a Wingman that appears to be silenced. But, what’s even more strange is that the optics may be cut content from Season 1.

Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs from the outset of Season 14.

Between heat shields working in some unintended ways, to Wattson having invisible fences, not everything has been working as intended.

However, one very strange bug gave someone a silenced Wingman with a sight that was never officially added to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends bug gives Wingman a new look

Reddit user Phisheyy went to heal himself with a phoenix kit, and, upon re-equipping his pistol, it looked entirely different.

Phisheyy’s Wingman now had what appears to be a silencer, as well as an ornate 1X sight that may be cut content from the very first season of Apex Legends.

Twitter user Garregrrt pointed out the optics. While the “silencer” is certainly the star of the show here, we’ve never had skins for optics before, either.

While this bug isn’t nearly as impactful as some of the nastier ones currently plaguing Apex Legends, it certainly stands out.

However, the same Twitter user that pointed out the optic being cut content from Season 1 made a quick YouTube video explaining what makes this glitch occur.

Every weapon in Apex Legends was built to fit a wide range of attachments, even if they aren’t currently possible to equip on that weapon. What appears to be a silencer is actually a gold barrel stabilizer from earlier seasons, and this bug resulted from it being left over in the game files.

This glitch certainly isn’t new, either.

A post from Reddit user Kazyon over two years ago shows the firearm with a 3x sight on it, as well as a barrel stabilizer that looks more like the standard version you’d pick up off the ground.

While this may be a bug and an unintended look for the Wingman, it could also be a peek into what weapon customization might look like in the future if Respawn decides to give the Wingman some more versatile attachment options.

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