New Apex Legends heat shield glitch lets players attach them to their head

apex legends heat shield kings canyon header imageRespawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends glitch surrounding the new Legend Vantage has popped up, which appears to allow heat shields to follow players around on their heads.

Apex Legends Season 14 is finally here players are checking out all the new content like the updated King’s Canyon map and the new Legend, Vantage.

Unfortunately, with lots of new content comes unforeseen issues that slip through the cracks during development and testing.

One of those issues is a new glitch that allows players to move heat shields around wherever they go, instead of staying static on the ground.

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New Apex Legends heat shield glitch discovered

apex legends heat shieldRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends heat shields are handy tools to help players survive the ring in a pinch, but they’re meant to be stationary.

The glitch gained traction from a post made by JomzYT on the Apex Legends subreddit.

JomzYT’s post titled “Apparently you can now put heatshields on your head,” shows off a 30-second long clip of a Vantage player throwing down a heat shield on King’s Canyon.

After a few seconds, the heat shield begins floating in the air and follows the player around as they loot nearby death boxes.

It’s not exactly known what causes this floating heat shield glitch at the moment, but players have already started speculating.

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Some believe the glitch occurs because of Vantage herself. More specifically, because of her bat companion Echo.

User Stidge-on put forth that they’ve experienced similar issues with Vantage. “I accidentally pinged myself and my own Echo earlier today. Seems like Echo stays physical even when holstered…”

However, it is impossible for players to actually place a heat shield on Echo after sending them out according to Apex Legends content creator bobz.

At the moment, the cause of this strange heat shield glitch is unknown, be it because of Vantage herself or Echo’s hitbox.

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As is always the case with glitch experimentation, players looking to recreate the glitch should do so at their own risk, should Respawn find out and enforce any repercussions.