Apex Legends devs hit Wingman with huge nerf after making it OP in Season 20

Rory Teale
Apex Legends Wingman

Apex Legends developers have nerfed the popular Wingman pistol in Season 20, after making it overpowered with the new season changes.

Respawn placed the Wingman in the care package, a welcome move as both casual and pro-Apex Legends players alike felt it was too strong to remain ground loot.

Since being in the care package players have still loved using the Wingman, utilizing the digital threat scope and large ammo reserve to mow down enemy legends through smoke or at range.

Respawn have now deemed the Wingman too powerful though, and have quickly rolled out a patch to bring it back down to earth.

Apex Legends Wingman nerfs

“Heads up, legends: we’ve tweaked the Wingman in @PlayApex a bit,” said Respawn, detailing four changes in total.

Ammo Reserves 110 to 90: The Wingman’s ammo reserve has been cut by 20 bullets, meaning players will have to choose their shots more carefully.

Boosted Loader has been removed: The Boosted Loader perk allowed players to gain extra bullets in their magazine by timed reloads perfectly, but this is no longer an option.

The Optic is permanently a 1x HCOG: Previously, the care package Wingman arrived fitted with a removable Digital Threat scope. However, players will now no longer get the option to use the Wingman with a Digital Threat, nor any other scope, and must use the 1x HCOG.

The Wingman has always been a strong Apex Legends gun, whether inside a Supply Drop or not, and only time will take whether these changes have any significant effect on it’s place in the meta.

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