Bangalore’s new Prestige skin in Apex Legends has a very broken Tactical bug

Connor Bennett
Bangalore apex commander skin in apex legends

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that they’re looking into an issue with Bangalore’s new Prestige skin as Apex Legends fans have uncovered a pretty big problem with it.

Just like every other battle royale game on the market, Respawn Entertainment have given fans an endless supply of cosmetics to get their hands on – both through free unlocks and having to shell out real money in the in-game store.

The biggest new addition has come in the form of Prestige skins. These skins, which are on the same tier as heirlooms, have only been given out to a select group of legends so far, with Bangalore getting hers as a part of the new Gaiden event.

Dubbed the ‘Apex Commander’ skin, Bangalore’s new mythic look works just like the others – you’ve got to complete a set number of challenges to unlock the alternative styles and a rare finisher to boot. Though, there is a problem with the skin already.

Apex Legends players uncover Bangalore mythic skin bug

The bug, which prevents players from getting a complete view of the screen, has been highlighted by a number of players – including the likes of Shiv.

If you haven’t seen it, basically, if you use Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher tactical and then try to aim down sight of a weapon, your view may become blocked. In fact, it looks like you’re using Gibby’s gun shield, but without being able to see through it.

Why this interaction occurs is pretty much anyone’s guess, but Respawn have confirmed, via their Trello board, that they’re looking into fixing it and should have things ironed out in a future update. Though, who knows exactly when that will be.

Screenshot of Trello board card for apex Legends bangalore skin bug
Respawn are trying to fix the bug with Bang’s skin.

As for now, if you want to avoid the bug, you’ll either have to use a different skin – which means you can’t flaunt your massive purchase – or avoid aiming down sight shortly after popping some smoke.

Hopefully, though, it is fixed before long and Bang mains can go back to looking dipped out in their highly sought-after Apex Commander skins.