Apex Legends pro dizzy shows how to perfectly use the Kraber

Respawn entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer and professional player Coby ‘Apex Legends.

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The Legendary bolt-action rifle can be extremely hard to find, only available in care packages, so when  players manage to get their hands on the weapon they want to make the most of it.

Dizzy has had plenty of experience with the weapon from his many games on Respawn’s battle royale, and he showed his viewers what is possible with the rare gun.

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respawn entertainmentThe Kraber .50-cal sniper is one of the hardest weapons to find in Apex Legends.
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The Twitch star was streaming some games with fellow pros, retzi and Reps, when they located a team playing around a trailer in the new World’s Edge map, released for Season 3.

Dizzy quickly dispatched an enemy out in the open with a clean snipe before grappling his way to trailer and using the Kraber .50-cal as if it was a shotgun.

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He decided against using the Wingman as his teammates raided the trailer, instead no-scoping with the Legendary weapon and landing some insane hip fire shots to complete the squad wipe.

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Dizzy had managed to get his hands on the Kraber in an earlier stream, although he took a different approach on using the bolt-action rifle, this time looking to hit a trickshot on the final player standing.

After dealing enough damage to the enemy player, as to guarantee the sniper bullet would kill him, Dizzy climbed up on top of the nearby building as the ring was approaching before spinning off and landing a ridiculous no-scope headshot.

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The NRG player has been considered one of the game’s best when Apex Legends first launched, and with plays like that using the Kraber .50-cal, it’s easy to see why.

The Apex Legends star has also already become familiar with the Season 3 changes, showing off some insane zipline tricks on the World’s Edge.

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