Apex Legends Wintertide collection new skins: Gibraltar, Bangalore, Valkyrie & more

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Apex Legends’ Wintertide event is nearly here and it’s introducing a bunch of brand new Legend skins for characters like Gibby, Valkyrie, and more.

Apex Legends is once again celebrating the Winter holiday season with a brand new collection event called Wintertide.

Alongside the return of the limited-time mode, Winter Express, a bunch of Legends are getting Winter-themed cosmetics to celebrate.

Fans can expect Wraith’s Prestige skin to drop alongside skins for Gibby, Valkyrie, Newcastle, and Crypto, complete with complementary weapon skins for each Legend.

Wintertide event trailer

Wintertide 2022 Collection event skins

The following Legends are getting new looks in the Wintertide 2022 Collection event:

  • Bangalore
  • Crypto
  • Newcastle
  • Valkyrie
  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • Prowler
  • Peacekeeper
  • Triple Take
  • R-99

Bangalore Legendary Skin

Bangalore will receive a brand-new Icy-themed skin in the Wintertide 2022 event that giver her entire body and cold, blue hue. In fact, the skin is quite reminiscent of the design of Game of Thrones’ iconic Night King, complete with icy horns and lines around the face.

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apex legends bangalore wintertide skinRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore’s Wintertide 2022 skin is reminiscent of the Night King’s design from the Game of Thrones TV show.

Crypto Legendary Skin

Crypto’s Wintertide 2022 skin gives the hacker a sleek set of blue and gold armor. Complete with his Korean Tech Blade heirloom, the skin almost gives Crypto the appearance of an ancient warrior.

crypto winteride skin apex legends close upRespawn Entertainment
Crypto’s Wintetide 2022 skin is a set of icy armor with gold plating.

Horizon and Mirage

Additionally, fans were able to catch a brief glimpse of new skins for both Horizon and Mirage during the Wintertide Collection event trailer released on the Apex Legends YouTube channel. However, it’s unclear if these will be Legendary skins or not.

apex legends horizon newcastle mirage wintertide skinsRespawn Entertainment
Fans can see both Horizon and Mirage appear to have new skins in the Wintertide Collection event trailer.

Newcastle Legendary Skin + Peacekeeper

Newcastle’s Wintertide 2022 skin gives the Defensive Legend a white, armor-plated down outfit with ice crystals accenting various parts of the skin. Additionally, the Peacekeeper has a matching Skin to go alongside Newcastle.

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apex legends newcastle wintertide skinRespawn Entertainment

Valkyrie Legendary Skin + Triple Take

Valkryie will receive another Japanese-inspired skin—this time featuring a blue Haori jacket adorned with sakura blossoms. The Triple Take has a themed skin to go along with Valkyrie, as its stock also features an icy-blue color scheme and sakura blossoms.

apex legends valkyrie wintertide skinRespawn Entertainment

Gibraltar Legendary Skin + R-99

Gibraltar’s Wintertide 2022 skins feature what looks to be an ice demon-themed armor set, complete with a helmet and shield molded after the aforementioned ice demon. Additionally, Gibby’s chest piece is covered in brown and blue fur.

Gibby’s matching R-99 skin incorporates the brown and blue fur alongside other winter elements like an ice pick on the stock.

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apex legends gibraltar winter skinRespawn Entertainment

Bloodhound Legendary Skin + Prowler

Next, Bloodhounds Wintertide 2022 skins seem to be based around skulls, with their helmet and shinguards incorporating skull designs. However, there are still icy-blue elements accenting the bone-white armor to keep in line with the winter theme.

Bloodhound’s corresponding weapon skin is for the Prowler SMG, which looks to incorporate much more of the ice theme than Bloodhound’s skin.

apex legends bloodhound winteride skinRespawn Entertainment

Wraith’s “Apex Voidshifter” Prestige skin

Finally, those who unlock all 24 limited-time items during Wintertide 2022 will unlock Wraith’s new Prestige skin, the “Apex Voidshifter,” which will change and evolve with repeated use.

wraith prestige skin apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Players who unlock all 24 limited-time items will unlock Wraith’s Prestige skin.

That’s just about every skin officially revealed with Apex Legends’ upcoming Wintertide Collection event. The event begins on December 6 and will last until December 27.

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That means those looking to unlock all the new winter-themed cosmetics and Wraith’s Prestige skin have three weeks to do so.

If any new cosmetics are revealed before the Wintertide event begins, we’ll update this article with all the latest information.