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Apex Legends

How to drop faster in Apex Legends

Published: 31/Mar/2019 0:09 Updated: 31/Mar/2019 0:15

by Eli Becht


A big part to any battle royale game is making sure you get a good drop and Apex Legends is no different. Follow these tips to make sure you are able to hit the ground fast and get to looting.

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Apex Legends is like other battle royales in a lot of respects but it also offers enough differences to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

One thing that Apex Legends does differently is that it makes the entire squad jump at the start of the match together, with the Jumpmaster leading the way.

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Players are able to break away from the Jumpmaster and choose their own landing spot but that will oftentimes result in their death so it’s smart to stick with the group.

Respawn EntertainmentStart looting quickly as soon as you hit the ground.

There are a number of ways players can maximize their landing and this Reddit post has shown the best way to drop if you want to hit the ground before any other teams.

User Blake_Unlively created the graphic above and it shows when to drop, when the level, when to dive, etc. as you work to hit the ground as fast as you can.

He says your drop distance depends on the plane trajectory, elevation of the destination and if there are any mountains in your way as you descend towards the ground.


Tips for how to drop fast in Apex Legends.
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It’s worth mentioning that your speed going directly down will the fastest if you’re high up in the air and the closer you get to the ground, the slower you will end up going.

Blake_Unlively suggests dropping straight down and then level out at 145-150m before diving again at around 140m, essentially you just rinse and repeat this method until you hit the ground.

Getting to the ground first is very important as that means you’ll be able to start looting before anyone else and that makes a huge difference in the early-game portion of Apex Legends. Using these tips will help you get that early edge which could end up being the difference between life and death.