Apex Legends leaked skins for new events: War Games, Chinatown Market, Golden Week

Apex Legends skins in Season 8Respawn Entertainment

Following the Chaos Theory event update for Apex Legends, a bunch of unreleased Legend skins and cosmetics have been leaked by data miners, set to release during multiple upcoming events and crossovers. These include War Games, Golden Week, and a collab with Chinatown Market.

Chaos Theory is already the second event of Season 8, following the Anniversary Collection event which ran in February.

But, according to leaks, there is still a bunch more planned following Chaos Theory, all before we even get to Season 9. Although we don’t know exactly what these future events will entail, data miners have uncovered a variety of unreleased skins in the game files.

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The following skins come courtesy of reliable data miners @Shrugtal and @SomeoneWhoLeaks.

Leaked Mirage Edition skin

The first cosmetic is actually not from an event, but rather from the Mirage edition, which is yet to be announced. These ‘edition’ packs always include a Legend skin, weapon skin, and some Apex coins, for a fixed price. The skin is called ‘The Show Stopper.’

These editions usually cost $19.99, or $17.99 for EA Play members. The Gibraltar edition launched earlier in Season 8.

Leaked War Games event skins

Slated to be the next event following Chaos Theory, here are the leaked skins for far for the War Games event. A number of these are recolors of skins from the Iron Crown event.

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Wraith: Queen’s Guard

Revenant: Guerilla Ghoul

Lifeline: Ghost Stalker

Gibraltar: Blood and Thunder

Bloodhound: Royal Huntsmaster

Pathfinder: The Burgundy Knight

Mirage: The Swish-buckler

Chinatown Market skins

Chinatown Market is a trendy apparel brand, and it looks like a collaboration is dropping with Apex Legends. A handful of skins have been leaked:

Lifeline: Mic Check

Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado

Wraith: Ringside

Mirage: Night Crawler

Golden Week skins

Finally, there is also a ‘Golden Week’ sale listed in the Apex game files. This is expected to close out the final week of Season 8, just before Season 9 starts in early May. These skins will be available in bundles, as will the Chinatown Market skins, according to the data miners.

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Octane: Oni’s Shadow

Bloodhound: Royal Livery

There are no exact dates yet for when these various events and sales will go live in-game, but expect them to run through Season 8. We’ll keep you updated as more official information is released.

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