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Apex Legends trick solves ‘annoying’ issue with Mirage’s decoys using a Jump Pad

Published: 8/Aug/2021 1:27

by Alan Bernal


There’s a way to prevent Mirage’s clones from clumping up in mid-air after using Octane’s Jump Pad, giving Apex Legends players a simple fix to an “annoying” issue.

Mastering Mirage’s decoys can be tricky since they often have odd behaviors in Apex Legends. But one player solved one of the more frustrating interactions between the clones and Octane’s jump pad that should make it easier to bamboozle oppositions.

While Mirage mains usually have high IQ outplays up their sleeves, they can oftentimes be derailed by a decoy that’s not doing their job.

That goes double when the outplay happens to be a life-saving maneuver that beckons the player to use every tool at their disposal while playing with the Holographic Trickster.


If you play Mirage, you know how annoying it is when your decoys clump up when taking a jump pad. Decided to make a short guide showing how to avoid this issue, and how to use it to your advantage! from apexuniversity

Whether using Octane’s Jump Pad defensively or offensively, Mirage players should be familiar with the “clumping” that occurs after activating the Life of the Party ultimate while in the air.

But Reddit user ‘ThatGuyDes’ showed that that can be easily avoided by simply getting your double-jump off after turning the ult on.

When performed correctly, this looks exactly as the ability should; your decoys appear in the air and replicate your movement which started with a jump.

Since the copies move out in all directions themselves, their jump will effectively have them raining down on the field and be much more effective than if they just dropped to the ground.


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Using Mirage’s decoy properly can be tricky, but it’s really effective when you putt it off right.

As for people who have trouble with Mirage’s clones clumping on the ground, the user suggested not activating the ult on terrain that would naturally kill the decoy.

“If it looks like a spot that would kill your tactical, try not to use your ult there,” they said. “It can also happen when you slide jump and your decoys drop when you’re still in the air. They’ll start moving once you hit the ground again, but it can really mess up a push.”

Mirage can be a tricky character to use correctly, but these kinds of tips will make his ability kit much more manageable to use in Apex Legends.