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Respawn confirms next Apex Legends patch will fix frustrating queue bug

Published: 7/Aug/2021 23:23

by Jaret Kappelman


Apex Legends has seen a spike in its player base recently climbing up the chain of Battle Royales. Fans have been losing their minds lately with a bug that takes them out of queue but Respawn has said that will be fixed in the next update.

Apex Legends allows players to party up in teams of three to take on 19 other teams to battle it out to become the Champion.

Before a team can drop in though they need to wait in a queue to find a match but there has been a bit of a problem with doing that in a timely fashion.


There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long queue just to have to do it all over again, the good news is that Apex devs are listening to their players and are coming to the rescue.

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Apex Legend players have been dealing with an annoying bug that randomly kicks them out of the queue.

Respawn says fix for queue bug is coming soon

Players have been complaining for a few months about a bug that will randomly remove them from the queue they are in, causing them to lose their spot in line.

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has been streaming a lot of Apex lately and has fallen victim to this tweeting out his frustrations.

CouRage was annoyed that he was stuck wasting about 30 minutes in a queue because it kept taking him out randomly.


There has been speculation that this bug only happens to high elo players, but there have been Silver players complaining about the same exact thing.

However, fans should fear no more because Respawn responded to CouRage letting him know that the dev team is aware and a fix should be coming very soon.

Since Apex Legends’ latest Season 10 patch just came out on August 3, there may be a week or two before the next one comes out.

Players just have to deal with this annoying bug for a little longer because this issue should be resolved soon, according to Respawn.