Apex Legends teases potential new map Olympus: everything we know

Isaac McIntyre

Respawn has dropped another major hint in the Broken Ghost finale that Apex Legends will be heading to floating city ‘Olympus’; here’s everything we know about the potential new battle royale map so far.

Apex’s season five storyline “The Broken Ghost” came to an end on Wednesday, and what a stunning conclusion it was. Players finally finished building the artifact, which turned out to be Titanfall 2 villain Ash, risen from the dead.

The simulacrum’s resurrection wasn’t the only massive twist Respawn delivered in their first story-telling outing in Apex Legends, however. The devs also dropped another bombshell; we could be heading to a new world soon.

Players won’t just be heading to any planet either. The new world, which Lifeline mentioned in the last Broken Ghost quest, is Psamathe. The Apex Legends medic suggested the team “go to Olympus” ⁠— a city on that same planet ⁠— in the closing moments. They may do just that next season.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer map Angel City on Psamanthe.
Apex Legends could be moving to Olympus on Psamathe in a future season.

Once is happenstance; players enjoyed the nice Titanfall 2 easter egg when they were told Lifeline and Octane were from Psamathe. Twice is a coincidence; Revenant’s ‘soul’ was sent to that same planet when Loba tried to destroy him in Season 5’s trailer.

Three times, well that’s a pattern. Add to that the fact data miner Shrugtal found a UFO-like structure in the game files marked with “olympus” code strings, and littered with the cherry blossoms that grow on Psamathe, and it looks like Olympus will be the next Apex map.

Here’s everything we know about the possible new map, including old Titanfall lore about the city, what the battlefield could be like, and more.

Olympus, floating city in the clouds

Olympus has already been established in Apex Legends lore as a floating city in the clouds ⁠— think Cloud City from Stars Wars: Empire Strikes Back. We’ve actually already seen the city itself too: it’s where Revenant killed Loba’s parents.

There were a few snippets of the futuristic-looking planet in Loba’s “Legacy of a Thief” trailer as well. In that teaser, the sprawling city is littered with towering skyscrapers, layers of fog and smoke, and buildings as far as the eye can see.

Cartoon Loba floats above Olympus in the Apex Legends Season 5 trailer.
Olympus already appeared in the Apex Legends Season 5 trailer “Legacy of a Thief.”

It’s possible Olympus is a fairly hostile city too. Lifeline and Octane seem quite apprehensive about a potential homecoming in the Broken Ghost cutscene. Loba is also seen living in the streets of the city as a jewel thief.

The Legends could also just be nervous to return to Psamathe due to the evil business group the Syndicate. All the way back in Season 4, a Syndicate goon said he thought Psamathe was “the only safe place in the Outlands” besides Gaea.

Will the Apex Games go to Olympus?

Respawn has yet to officially comment on anything regarding Olympus. That means players only have the hints laced into the lore to go off. That said, when you combine all the teasers ⁠— which the devs love to make use of— and the data mining, it does add up.

The idea of the Apex Games being held on Olympus seems awesome too. So far we’ve had a desert arena, and a ruined city battlefield. This next one would take fans into the heart of an industrial world, high above the ground.

It’s just crazy enough that it might work. Apex already has plenty of ziplines and mobility built into the game. Respawn actually just started tweaking ziplines; could the devs have been preparing for some high-flying battles?

Octane stares into the distance.
Apex Legends speedster Octane is originally from Psamathe, the planet where Olympus is.

Olympus could be for single-player missions

The other possibility for these teasers is that Respawn is finally flexing their muscles when it comes to story-telling. They designed multiple single-player maps for Titanfall 2, and could have a similar plan for Apex too.

Nothing has officially been confirmed yet, but as Apex’s sixth season rapidly approaches ⁠— it is expected to drop on Tuesday, August 18 ⁠— it certainly looks like we’ll be heading off-world for the second time in Apex Legends history.

Olympus museum from Apex Legends trailer.
Olympus could be the first actual city in Apex Legends.

The other question is which new Legend will be added to the roster during the switch. While signs do point to Ash, it’s more likely going to be Rampart, especially considering his abilities have already been leaked by Shrugtal.

Older characters from the Apex roster will also likely get a bit more time in the spotlight in Season 6, Respawn has confirmed. In particular, former IMC soldier Bangalore will be “front and center” in the next storyline, the devs have teased.